Christian Movie ‘Jesus Revolution’ Breaks Two Major Movie Records

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Jesus Revolution” is officially Lionsgate’s highest-grossing film since 2019, with director Jon Erwin earning a huge award for the already-hit film just three weeks after its release.

Starring Kelsey Grammer (“Frasier”) and Jonathan Roumie (“The Chosen”), the indie movie tells the true story of the great spiritual awakening of the late 1960s and 1970s, when hippies and the Christian community came together under His faith, according to Collider. Fans have flocked to theaters to see the Erwin-directed hit, despite critics giving mixed reviews of the heavily faith-based story.

Then again, what the heck do critics even know? Rotten Tomatoes users gave “Jesus Revolution” an “audience score” rating of 99% across 5,000 different reviews.

Erwin also broke a huge record with “Jesus Revolution,” becoming the first-ever director to receive four A+ CinemaScores, according to Christian Headlines. He’s earned A+ scores for previous works, such as “Woodlawn,” “I Can Only Imagine” and “American Underdog.”

CinemaScore polls moviegoers during opening weekends, and has conducted surveys and research since 1978. Not even Steven Spielberg has earned more than two A+ scores, winning only for “E.T.” and “Schindler’s List,” according to the outlet. (RELATED: Country Music Star, Rapper Go Viral For Proclaiming ‘End Of The World’)

“The message for today is that there’s hope – all that we’re going through right now, we faced a similar time, and a similar moment [in the 60s/70s], and God showed up in this nation with the most unlikely people amongst the hippies,” Erwin told the outlet. “… The heartbeat of [the film] is God can do this again – this could happen again. And we’re in such a similar moment. This is the answer to the problems that we’re dealing with. If we found it before, we can find it again.”

You can watch the trailer for “Jesus Revolution” here: