Country Music Star, Rapper Go Viral For Proclaiming ‘End Of The World’


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Country music icon John Rich and superstar rapper Tom MacDonald released their already-hit collaboration “End of the World,” Friday, and the duo went more than viral.

The incredibly moving track feels more like a mixture of dark humor and a stark warning for the future of the American idea. Released on Friday, the beautifully-shot music video has already racked up more than 2 million views on YouTube.

MacDonald and Rich leave absolutely no stone unturned while singing to our total social destruction, covering everything from our scientific advancement as species, alien invasions, our inherent ignorance thanks to the prevalence of social media and cell phones, social credit systems, the COVID-19 pandemic, and so much more.

The bold-faced message of apocalypse within the lyrics is enough for you to sink your head into your hands, but you simply can’t. The song is too good and so inherently poignant that it could almost inspire a serious great awakening. It’s like Rich and MacDonald jumped inside of all our heads with lyrics like “feel like the bomb about to drop out of the clouds … farmers watchin’ crops die … angry people formin’ crowds and tryna burn the cities down.”

Unfortunately, at least one outlet said that the humor of the video made “it a bit harder to take the intended message about ‘judgement day’ and the coming fall and extinction of the human race very seriously.” Bless the heart of the author who wrote this.

If you’re not concerned about the destruction of the American idea and the potential future of the human species, your head is in the sand. (RELATED: John Rich Has A Blunt Message For Progressives, And It’s About To Become An American Anthem)

Apparently the goal of the song was to unite around genres and finally get people to “wake the f*ck up,” according to the same outlet. “You’d be surprised how much we can get done if we would just unite and stop letting people divide us,” Rich and MacDonald explained in a social media video shared for fans.

And I couldn’t agree more. I’ve linked as many articles as I could in the article to help validate the concerns raised by Rich and MacDonald.

Watch the video here: