LYMAN: DeSantis Tanked 2024 In 22 Words

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Twenty-two words may have just tanked Gov. Ron DeSantis’ 2024 prospects.

To make matters worse, he was late.

Two days after Trump announced his impending arrest, and two days after hordes of Republicans – even his rivals, even “Never-Trumpers” – condemned the partisan overreach of a radical Soros-funded district attorney, DeSantis finally spoke up – and it was to take a cheap shot at Trump.

“I don’t know what goes into paying hush money to a porn star to secure silence over some type of alleged affair,” Mr. DeSanctimonious, er, DeSantis said.

“I have no interest in getting involved in some manufactured circus by some Soros-DA,” he continued. “He’s trying to do a political spectacle. He’s trying to virtue signal for his base. I’ve got real issues I got to deal with here in the state of Florida.”

If the weaponization of the criminal justice system isn’t a “real issue,” then DeSantis isn’t ready for the White House. (RELATED: MSNBC Guest Says Trump Should Not Be Arrested, Raises Question Of Fairness)

Voters likely care a little less about drag shows and a little more about whether their heads are next on the chopping block of a weaponized justice system.

Waving away the possible indictment is like saying that the Department of Homeland Security warning opposition to lockdowns or that spreading so-called “misinformation” posed a potential terrorist threat is just a sideshow in the grand scheme of things.

Or maybe Americans should forget how FBI whistleblowers have come forward to allege the FBI coerced agents to beef up domestic terrorism case numbers or targeted parents speaking out at school board meetings, because, you know, there are real issues at stake here!

Now, as any establishment politician knows, never let a crisis go to waste. DeSantis made sure to give himself a pat on the back for (rightfully) removing  Soros-funded prosecutor Andrew Warren in August after Warren refused to enforce a slew of state laws.

Well, DeSantis should have taken that same energy to oppose the political persecution of Trump.

Instead, he decided to make a joke (out of himself) while all eyes fell upon him.

We get it, DeSantis governs effectively in Florida, he has a full plate. But a 2024 presidential prospect shouldn’t dismiss major news simply because he has his own legislative agenda. If that’s the case, DeSantis should kiss his presidential dreams goodbye until he learns to juggle being an elected leader and a likely 2024 contender that understands what’s at stake.

Brianna Lyman is a reporter at the Daily Caller.

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