Man Rides Moped Onto The Middle Of Soccer Field To Protest Fans Scaring His Horse

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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I love how this man went all-out for his horse.

Dutch club Veenhuizen faced off against relegation rival Vitesse ’63 over the weekend, and in the middle of the game, an angry man rode a moped onto the middle of the soccer field, apparently to protest to officials. Before addressing his problems with the players on the pitch, he also spoke with home coaches in their dugout. He eventually rode off after the scene.

And why was he angry, do you ask?

Well, the man was reportedly upset because his horse had been frightened by fireworks that fans were setting off.

“The youngsters wanted to support the team [with the fireworks], but it turned out unfortunate with our neighbor driving on to the field. It was annoying. We don’t want to be a burden to anyone, but we have to monitor safety on the field,” Veenhuizen chairman Kees van der Leest said.

“We know the neighbor. He played for us in his youth. We will talk with him. I think he acted out of emotion. We want a good relationship with him — we are neighbors after all. We are responsible as a board, and regret what happened, but the youngsters meant well.”

At first, you think this is some crazy person who just drove on the field, but then when you find out he apparently played for the club before, it kind of changes things. Plus, who doesn’t love animals?

So the fact that he has status and clout with the team, and is also protecting his horse (which I find him cool for doing) — it makes you side with Mr. Moped. I don’t actually know his name, so I’m just gonna call him Mr. Moped. (RELATED: JaVale McGee Gets Recorded Right In His Face By Strange TikTok Troll Trying To Go Viral)

Mr. Moped, I admire you for protecting your horse. But fireworks are pretty cool. I’m torn.