‘1923’ Star Calls Out Awards Shows For Repeated ‘Yellowstone’ Snubs

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“1923” star Sebastian Roche told Insider on Sunday that “Yellowstone” deserves all awards despite repeated snubs from the Emmy Awards.

1923” is the prequel spin-off series to the iconic Taylor Sheridan cowboy drama “Yellowstone,” and has already earned a slew of award nominations of its own. “Yellowstone,” on the other hand, has not. “Yellowstone” leading man Kevin Costner managed to bag himself a Golden Globe in 2023. But given the success of the show with its American audience, it’s unclear why the drama has never won an Emmy or other major awards.

Roche, who portrays the most evil Catholic “headmaster” ever in the spin-off series, told Insider that he believed the “Yellowstone” universe has “been deserving of all the awards for the past few years.”

“I’ve been watching ‘Yellowstone’ since its inception, and ‘1883’ too, and these are great works of art,” Roche continued. “They should have been recompensed, that’s my opinion.” Roche noted that Kelly Reilly is particularly deserving of more attention from awards shows. Reilly plays the superbly written Beth Dutton, daughter of Costner’s John Dutton, on the series.

“The fact that Kelly Reilly hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy is just staggering to me,” Roche continued. (RELATED: ‘1923’ Concludes With Death, Tragedy And Adrenaline)

Roche’s character is reportedly returning to the set of “1923” for the surprise second season. “It’s something we haven’t seen for so long on television or screen, a sort of epic drama with deep family connections and a deep understanding of history,” he noted. “While I was reading it, I was thinking of Hemingway,” Roché. “I do believe ‘1923’ should be in the conversation. I mean, when I see the work that the crew does in terms of directing, photography, and acting.”

Roche praised both the show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, and his colleagues on the show. “The thing about Taylor Sheridan is he’s a masterful casting director, not only a brilliant writer. He knows who to cast and it’s as if he writes, and has a very specific idea of who he wants and he always finds the right person,” Roche commented.

We couldn’t agree more. Roche is absolutely terrifying as the murderous Catholic priest. Based on the horrifying true story of Catholicism in America, Roche’s character oversees the systematic kidnapping of Native America girls, forcing them into boarding schools run by the church, where their heritage is attempted to be beaten, raped, and brutalized out of them.