‘We’re Already In A Civil War’: Billy Porter Sounds Off On Anti-Transgender Legislation Across Country

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

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Actor and LGBT activist Billy Porter denounced the ongoing wave of anti-transgenderism legislation during a Tuesday appearance on “The View.”

Porter, best known for his role on FX drama Pose, appeared on the show to discuss issues relating to the LGBT community. During the conversation, co-host Joy Behar asked Porter about his opinion on conservative state legislatures targeting drag shows.

“There’s this war against trans people,” Behar claimed.

“And the LGBTQ+ people, and people who are othered, and cabaret people,” Porter added.

Porter questioned the true motives of conservative politicians seeking to restrict youth access to racy LGBT content, claiming that they are incentivized primarily by “money” and “power.” He also decried the “hypocritical” legislative efforts, claiming children are facing bigger issues that drag shows.

“The leading cause of death in children are guns!” Porter bellowed, drawing applause from the audience and nods from the co-hosts. “Leave us alone!”

In an aside, Porter questioned why Trump hasn’t been “perp walked” and criticized the notion that people are “scared” of arresting Trump because it would spark another “civil war.”

“We’re already in a civil war, y’all. It’s a civil war of the mind,” Porter said

Porter is known for his efforts to blur the gender binary by wearing provocative clothing and makeup. Porter wore a black Christian Siriano gown to the 2019 Academy Awards. He also wore a gown and massive bow to the “Cinderella” premiere in 2021 and wore a dress to the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards.