‘He’s Such A Legit Babe!’: Las Vegas Hookers Offer New Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo ‘Free Sex For Life’

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Well, it is Sin City.

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s career with the Las Vegas Raiders has gotten off to an interesting start, and that’s because of an offer that he received from two Nevada brothel workers — free sex for life.

The two women who work for the famous Chicken Ranch brothel, Caitlin Bell and Alice Little, told TMZ Sports that they’re extremely excited for the “heartthrob” to move to Vegas. Garoppolo signed a three-year deal with the Raiders last week.

And now the ladies want to show ol’ Jimmy G. how ecstatic they truly are, with a free “sex for life” package.

I mean, you talk about a solid welcome to Las Vegas from the ladies of Chicken Ranch.

Now what I wanna know: Is Jimmy going to take them up on the offer?

And I hope he understands that he now has an opportunity to make Vegas his kingdom. If you’re getting approval this quickly from the local brothels (and getting offered free sex at that), then you know you’re already being accepted by the city. Now all Jimmy has to do is perform in that swagged out black and silver, and he’s clearly on his way to making Vegas his city. (RELATED: Hailey Van Lith Proves In Tense Moment That She’s Not Just A Barbie, She’s Also A Bit Of A Brawler)

Easier said than done, sure, and quite frankly, I don’t think he’ll do it, but the thought of that has to be dope for him.

Try to ride that wave as much as you can, Jim, and who knows, maybe you’ll make it happen.