Crayon Head Melts Down Over Based Mom Speaking Truth

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: The Reaction with Chrissy Clark

Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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A TikTok Crayon Head — my favorite name for people with colored hair — posted a meltdown she had when her mother apparently kicked her out of the house for failing to get a job and allegedly being a “bully.”

My favorite part of this video is when the mom tells the Crayon Head that she doesn’t do anything, she just fights with the mother. And Crayon Head responds by saying, “I’m trying to educate you!” The mom aptly points out that it’s not education, it’s brainwashing.

I hate laughing at someone’s pain because I know she genuinely feels hurt as she’s brainwashed and genuinely thinks she’s doing the right thing. At the beginning of the video, Crayon Head says she legally needs one month’s heads-up on being kicked out of her parent’s home, where she presumably lives for free.

This was glossed over as well: Crayon Head claims to have schizophrenia. The mom says, “I don’t care what you have,” which — if we’re reading between the lines — likely means this blue-haired woman watched videos online about schizophrenia and self-diagnosed herself to be a victim. This is a fair presumption given how trendy it is to do this.

Good on this mother though, because tough love is an absolute necessity when it comes to unplugging someone you love from being brainwashed.

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