Media Loses It Over Morgan Wallen’s Latest Number One Hit

(Photo by Maria Alejandra CARDONA / AFP) (Photo by MARIA ALEJANDRA CARDONA/AFP via Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Morgan Wallen’s latest single “Last Night” hit number one in March, and the liberal media are losing their minds over how successful he’s become without their support.

Wallen is one of the top-selling artists of all time, having broken record after record with his last two albums “Dangerous: The Double Album” and the recent “One Thing At A Time.” The stunning success is no surprise to anyone who has actually listened to Wallen’s music (it’s freaking incredible).

But after his almost-cancellation in 2021, the liberal media are refusing to accept Wallen’s talent and apologies. He was caught on a video using a racial slur, leading many of his media supporters to drop him. Wallen spent a huge amount of time rebuilding his career. He understood the damage he caused, and apologized emphatically for his prior ignorance.

Still, people like Slate Magazine’s Chris Molanphy basically said the only reason millions of people adore Wallen’s work is because we’re trying to “own the libs.” Perhaps Molanphy doesn’t realize that he’s owning himself with such a stupid, ignorant commentary on an expert song writer.

“Numerically speaking, this new song is not topping the charts by uniting disparate audiences. It’s not (yet, maybe ever) a song for everybody,” Molanphy wrote. “And whatever its musical merits, you get the sinking feeling it’s being boosted by an audience that’s trying to prove a point, and maybe even … own the libs?”

Nah, dude. We just love great country music because it is part of the definition of American culture. Duh. (RELATED: One Song Gets Morgan Wallen To No. 1 On All Billboard Country Music Charts)

Fox News noted that outlets like the Guardian, NBC, and New York Times also wet their beds over Wallen’s success. But perhaps we need to reframe the perspective here.

Slate, The Guardian, The New York Times, and NBC aren’t actually attacking Wallen. What they’re doing is trying to get their 12 combined readers to hate people who love Wallen’s music. There is no other reason why any so-called journalist would so brazenly ignore what is true of him as an artist: he’s talented, America loves him, and he’s successful as heck without the support of the traditional legacy media — and that terrifies them.

And I love it. Perhaps Molanphy and others should get some Whiskey Glasses, because they clearly can’t see the truth. It’s still very much Still Goin’ Down in country for Wallen.