‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Host Tries To Tackle Contestant In Confusing Moment

[Screenshot YouTube Wheel of Fortune]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak tried to tackle a contestant Tuesday night in a moment that left viewers stunned.

One contestant, Fred Fletcher-Jackson, announced during the show he has several talents including hosting bar trivia as well as being a professional wrestler, saying that he gets paid “very little” to wrestle but does it “for the fun.”

Fletcher-Jackson dominated the competition, achieving a “clean sweep” that prompted Sajak to ask the other contestants if they wanted him “to body slam” the muscular word-guessing whiz for them.

Sajak then waited until he had the element of surprise. Fletcher-Jackson made it to the bonus round and guessed the puzzle in three attempts, winning $75,800. Fred was seen flexing his muscles before hugging his father in an emotional display of pride. At that point, Sajak suddenly ran over and tried to tackle Fletcher-Jackson, pinning his arms behind his back and holding his hand over the contestant’s mouth.

Users reacted to the moment on Twitter, with one user tweeting that Sajak “still knows how to put on a cross-face chicken wing.” (RELATED: Pat Sajak Roasts ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant For Telling ‘The Most Pointless Story Ever Told’)

Entertainment Weekly joked that Sajak tried to “body-slam a contestant, but it’s more of a body … hug.”

Fletcher-Jackson played along with the 76-year-old host’s attempt but remained on his feet.