55-Year-Old Deion Sanders Benches 245 Pounds Without Warming Up While Wearing A Winter Coat And Chains

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — Thee Pregame Show]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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It’s official: Deion Sanders really is the modern-day Mr. Midas Touch.

Prior to Wednesday’s Colorado Buffaloes football practice, Coach Prime (as well as a few of his staffers) and some of the players decided to lift some weights. During so, Deion challenged his assistant Sam Malone, wide receivers coach Rashad ‘Shadd’ Davis and his son Deion ‘Bucky’ Jr. that he could out-bench them.

Up first was Malone, who did one rep of 245 pounds. After him went Bucky, who failed to match the 245 set by Malone. Next was Davis, who did four reps of 245 and was the winner of the three.

Insert Deion Sanders.

In incredible fashion without warming up, Mr. Midas Touch himself took to the bench, putting up six reps of 245 pounds, and didn’t struggle until he got to the fifth lift (and even then, it wasn’t much). Oh, and he was doing this while wearing a hoodie with a winter jacket on top, and also had on gold chains, sunglasses and a hat. He literally didn’t take one thing off before lifting.

And if completely showing up his son and staff wasn’t enough, Coach Prime just casually rides off on his scooter with his German Shepherd right beside him like it was nothing.

This. Dude. Is. A. Legend.

I don’t know how you can’t love Deion Sanders — this dude is such a straight up G.

And I’m glad I watched this video, it inspired me to start lifting again. It’s been months at this point since I’ve been on the weights, so I need to get back on that. Thanks, Coach Prime, for the inspiration. (RELATED: Texas Longhorns’ Bijan Robinson Has His Own Line Of Dijon Mustard In One Of The Coolest NIL Deals You’ll Ever See)

See? This man is now inspiring me to lift. He really is Mr. Midas Touch.