High School Softball Player Jada Walton Goes Viral After Pulling Off The ‘Look Over There’ Trick Play

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Holy cow.

A high school softball game out of Carthage, Texas, is going viral all over the United States after a senior player pulled off one of the craziest (and oldest) trick plays in the book.

The player — whose name is Jada Walton — actually used the “look over there” trick, giving her time to sneak into home plate to score a run for her team.

In the video, Walton is seen running from second base all the way home, and when she gets there, she dodges the first tag from the catcher, which then leads into a stare-off between the two. And that’s when Walton pulled off this finger-pointing madness to score — and lucky for her, it’s March, so perfect timing.

Just check out this insanity:

Wow … ESPN totally needs to pick this up for their top 10 plays segment, and even better, somebody needs to make it their play of the year. That was absolutely impressive. And here’s my biggest question about this whole thing: Who is going to be the first to offer Walton a scholarship after the fact?

You know we’re probably going to start seeing colleges (and not to mention NIL companies) trying to land her. In the days of going viral, everybody is guilty of it. Trying to find the next thing that will go viral, and potentially get them paid. And in a university‘s case, it would get them some extra attention. (RELATED: Texas Longhorns’ Bijan Robinson Has His Own Line Of Dijon Mustard In One Of The Coolest NIL Deals You’ll Ever See)

Jada Walton made herself a star with this craziness.