Elderly Man Offers Young People Some Candy

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Eighty-year-old Joe Biden offered a chocolate bar to young journalists in exchange for easy questions at a Friday event.

Biden, known for his sweet tooth, frequently visits ice cream parlors while on the road. The president traveled to Canada on Thursday where he is set to announce a northern border deal alongside Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Elizabeth May, the leader of Canada’s Green Party, handed Biden the chocolate bar when she met him.

Biden could be seen handing the candy to Trudeau, who is nearly half the American president’s age, when he signed a book at the welcome ceremony. He then asked to have the chocolate returned to him.

“Who’s got the chocolate?” the president asked.

A member of Parliament then handed it back to him. Biden then turned to the press and jokingly offered to share a piece of the candy with them.

“Depending on how tough your questions are, you can share the chocolate with me,” Biden joked.

The U.S. and Canada have reached an agreement to turn away asylum seekers who cross the U.S.-Canadian border illegally, Politico reported. The Canadian government will be allowed to reject asylum seekers who enter unofficial points of entry, including at Roxham Road, a road that crosses from New York to Quebec where 40,000 asylum seekers crossed into Canada in 2022. (RELATED: Biden Has Spent Nearly $11K On Pelosi’s Favorite Ice Cream)

The country also plans to allow 15,000 Central American migrants settle in Canada through legal pathways, Politico reported.

“We’re seeing an increase in irregular migration going north into Canada, which reflects the regional and global migration challenges we have been talking about,’’ White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Air Force One Thursday.

Biden will address the Canadian Parliament and hold a joint press conference with Trudeau on Friday, according to a White House schedule.

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