Watch This Brooklyn Nets Fan Get His Heart Crushed By Decisive Game Winning Three-Point Shot


Seth Roy Contributor
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Being a Brooklyn Nets fan must be hard. 

Brooklyn lost in heartbreaking fashion at the Barclays Center on Thursday against the Cleveland Cavaliers, following Cavs’ forward Issac Okoro nailing a last second three-point shot to give Cleveland a 116 – 114 victory. 

The final seconds of the game were crazy, to put it lightly. Donovan Mitchell of the Cavaliers was at the free throw line with 11.6 seconds left to play in regulation and had the opportunity to tie the game with two free throws. Mitchell made his first free throw that made the game 114 – 113 in favor of the Nets but missed his second attempt which resulted in utter chaos.

Mitchell immediately grabbed his second missed free throw try and then missed two put back shots in a row. The basketball then bounced near half court, where Cavs’ guard Caris LeVert regained possession of the ball. LeVert then darted a pass to Okoro in the corner where he splashed the game winner with 0.7 ticks remaining. 

It was a tough loss for Brooklyn, but the Nets fan sitting courtside in a blue shirt and hat may have taken the loss harder than anybody on Brooklyn’s roster. 

The fan is seen jumping up and down during the crazy final seconds of the game, and having his heart broken when Okoro made the go-ahead three pointer. The Brooklyn fan angrily threw his hat to the ground following the big shot and was apparently irate about Brooklyn falling behind on the scoreboard.

Keeping in mind how poorly Brooklyn’s season has gone, you have to feel for this guy.

If I were from Brooklyn, I would immediately pledge my allegiance to the New York Knicks down the street instead of this team. This season has been an absolute dumpster fire for the Nets and it’s only getting worse.

At the trade deadline, the Nets were sitting pretty in the Eastern Conference playoff standings and were playing respectable basketball. On a turn of a dime, their best two players in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving both forced their way out of town and had their requests to be traded fulfilled. (RELATED: Michigan State Star Tyson Walker’s Car Towed While He Was Sending The Spartans To The Sweet 16)

It was a slap to the face to the organization but an even bigger one to Brooklyn’s fan base considering Durant and Irving both had a few more seasons left on their contracts.

Brooklyn is currently in the seventh spot in the Eastern Conference postseason standings and are only moving backwards. Losses like the one to the Cavaliers on Thursday are taking years off of the lives of their fans. Nets’ owner Joe Tsai should consider giving this fan in the blue shirt and hat a refund. What a terrible way for the Nets to lose their fifth straight game.