EXCLUSIVE: Afroman Gives Firsthand Account Of Alleged Police Misconduct During Raid On His Home

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Afroman, the famous rapper locked in a legal battle with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, has accused the police and Judge Roy Gabbert of theft and false statements, according to an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller.

Afroman, whose real name is Joseph Edgar Foreman, produced surveillance footage and described the scene that unfolded as police broke down his residential gate and exited their vehicles with their weapons already drawn. Afroman claims they knocked down his front door and stormed through his home, with his wife and two young children ages 11 and 12 in the midst of the allegedly dangerous scene.

“My kids took the worst end of it, my kids are young,” he told the Daily Caller.

“They [were] gonna kill me in front of my kids,” the rapper claimed.

An arrest warrant obtained by the Daily Caller says Foreman was suspected of kidnapping and drug trafficking, both of which he has vehemently denied.

He alleged the raid on his home was approved by the judge on the basis of such “fictitious” claims.

“The judge knew I didn’t kidnap nobody, but he signed that warrant anyway,” Foreman said.

The artist expressed his outrage over the alleged abuse of power. “They were caught on camera, stealing my money,” he said. “I was vandalized, stolen from, cameras unhooked.”

“Not saying this is the characteristic of all police officers, but this is what they did to me,” he said.

“They cut my cameras off, there’s no telling what else they took from me,” Foreman said, before calling the police “monsters disguised as police officers.”

“They used some knives, or cutting objects to slash my wires, and they disconnected my cameras,” he told the Daily Caller.

The artist put the spotlight on the apparent discrepancies between the allegations in the warrant and the sheriffs’ purported actions.

The surveillance video appears to show police rummaging through Foreman’s suit pocket and pulling out cash. “Are there kidnapping victims in my suit pocket?” he said.

“Once they steal my money, they become criminals,” Foreman continued.

“What would have happened if I was home, would it be another situation where I stand up with a remote control in my hand and I’m shot at with assault rifles and then they say they were in fear for their lives?”

“They are accustomed to walking all over people, doing them dirty and not caring,” he claimed.

Foreman imagined the worst would have happened if he were home when they conducted the raid. He alleged they certainly would have lied about what happened and “kill me, steal, and give press a goofy statement.”

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office did not file any charges against the artist after the raid.

“They found nothing, filed no charges against me. They struck out,” he said.

Court documents obtained by the Daily Caller show the sheriffs did file a lawsuit against the star for using surveillance footage of the raid, including their identities, on his social media outlets.

Afroman addressed the lawsuit, which takes accuses him of making fun of the sheriffs by using their names.

“They stormed my home with assault rifles and they want to sue me for cracking jokes?”

“[They] called me a kidnapper, knowing that I wasn’t. Society started looking at me different,” he said.

“I want compensation. I want justice. I want the world to see how they do. They would have Swiss cheesed me,” he told the Daily Caller.

“I’m countersuing these people. They’ve been doing black people like this, only worse.”

“I’m doing this for the people that get victimized and don’t have a platform like mine, and it all goes unnoticed,” he continued. (RELATED: Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Bodyguard Poses High-Stakes Challenge To His Attackers)

“This is America, home of the slaves and injustice. This is systematic racism.”

The Daily Caller asked the artist if there was any portion of the interview he would prefer we not share with the public.

“Share it all,” Afroman responded without hesitation. “This is the ugly reality we all need to face.”

The Adams County Sheriff’s Department, the department’s lawyers and Judge Gabbert have not yet responded to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.