North Korea Reportedly Tests Nuclear-Capable Underwater Drone

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Matt Buckley Contributor
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North Korea has reportedly tested a new underwater drone with nuclear capabilities,

The drone was placed into the water on Tuesday just off South Hamgyong, the BBC reported, citing North Korean state news agency KCNA.

The weapon travelled for 59 hours before it detonated somewhere off the east coast of the province. North Korea claims it is capable of creating a “radioactive tsunami”.

“The mission of the underwater nuclear strategic weapon is to stealthily infiltrate into operational waters and make a super-scale radioactive tsunami through underwater explosion to destroy naval strike groups and major operational ports of the enemy,” the KCNA report read.

The report went on to say that this underwater device has undergone multiple previous tests and has been in development since 2012. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un oversaw the demonstration personally. (RELATED: North Korea Issues Explosive Response To US Bomber Drills)

South Korean President Yoon Suk-Yeol made a statement in response to North Korea’s recent weapons test, saying he would “make sure North Korea pays the price for its reckless provocations.”

The drone, which has been dubbed “Haeil” has caused skepticism and doubt from analysts, considering that North Korea has a track record for exaggerating and falsely heightening its military capabilities. Back in March 2022, North Korea released footage of what it claimed was an ICBM. Military analysts quickly disproved it, according to CNN.