Police Department Lists Rape As A ‘Non-Emergency’ On Disgusting Poster

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Police in Kent, England, are being destroyed for displaying a sign at a local station that listed rape and sexual assault as “non-emergencies.”

The A4 print-out told Maidstone residents that “crime (a wide range of options), domestic abuse, hate crimes, missing persons, rape and sexual assault” are non-emergencies, according to a report from the BBC. The poster was part of a “Click B4 U Call” campaign which encourages victims of the above to Google some BS form instead of calling 999 for help.

The campaign was developed by some douchebag, clearly, who is too scared to admit they messed up. Everyone involved is quickly backtracking on the situation. In true English fashion, everyone is probably waiting until the news media moves on from the story. Pathetic.

How revoltingly stupid, evil, and pointless do you have to be to think that a victim of any of the above is going to use an online form to contact law enforcement who’ve already proven they don’t care?

It’s unclear whether any women work at the Kent police department, as they probably should have told the men there that rape is pretty much one of the worst emergencies that a woman, child, or even a man, can experience. Any women who sat by and let this sign be put up are as culpable as anyone else involved in this sign even appearing.

More than that, whomever runs policy at this Kent police station should be investigated. Ideally, the individual responsible should be fired immediately. Because what the hell is the point in any type of law enforcement officer who is so psychotically evil that they’d list anything on this sign as a non-emergency? (RELATED: ‘The Runway Has Melted’: UK Is Falling Apart In Record Heatwave)

I hope heads roll for this one. What a joke.