Thai Man Sues Wife For Allegedly Hiding Lottery Winnings, Leaving Him And Marrying Her Lover

Photo not from story (Photo by MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP via Getty Images)

Brent Foster Contributor
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A Thai man is suing a woman he claims is still his wife for allegedly hiding lottery winnings from him before marrying her lover, according to Thaiger.

The man, Narin, filed a lawsuit against the woman, Chaweewan, to whom he claims to have been married for a period of approximately two decades, according to Thaiger. Narin said he had been working in South Korea since 2014, sending back money on a monthly basis to support Chaweewan and their three daughters, the outlet reported.

While he was overseas, Narin said that his children informed him that while he was away, Chaweewan won a lottery prize valued at around 12 million Thai Baht. He alleges that she hid the big win from him, according to Thaiger.

The 12 million baht prize is valued at around $353,000, according to the International Business Times (IBTimes). (RELATED: Man Reportedly Sues $2.04 Billion Lottery Winner, Claims The Ticket Is His)

Narin alleged that he was ignored as he subsequently attempted to contact Chaweewan. Searching for answers, he flew back to Thailand in March 2023 only to learn that she had reportedly remarried, according to Thaiger.

“I was shocked and did not know what to do,” Narin, who expressed a sense of disappointment, said. He added that he “did not expect that my wife of 20 years would do this to me,” according to Thaiger.

Narin sought the services of a lawyer and filed a lawsuit against Chaweewan. Although Narin reportedly never had an official marriage certificate, his lawyer says the fact relatives and some other individuals knew about the marriage constituted ample enough support for it to be official, the outlet noted.

Chaweewan in turn reportedly filed a complaint against Narin claiming that he defamed her, the outlet noted. She reportedly maintains that she did not attempt to hide the lottery win and said Narin actually broke up with her over the phone a few years back. An investigation into the case by local authorities remains ongoing.