Armed Georgia Homeowner Fatally Shoots Alleged Intruder As Neighbors Cook Breakfast: Reports

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: FOX 5

Kate Hirzel Contributor
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A homeowner fatally shot an alleged intruder trying to break into their house Thursday morning in DeKalb County, Georgia, according to multiple reports.

A neighbor across the street heard gunshots while she was preparing breakfast at about 5:30 a.m, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

“I was in the kitchen and then there were gunshots and it was really loud,” Melan Sydnor told the outlet. “I heard a few gunshots and then about five minutes later the police pulled up.”

“I’m getting ready for work, and all of a sudden, I hear two shots. And I looked out and, at first, I didn’t see anything, and when I got ready to walk out the door, that’s when I saw all the cops and ambulance and stuff like that,” another neighbor who lives behind the house told WSAZ3.

Medics transported the alleged intruder to the hospital, but he later succumbed to his injuries, Fox5 reported. Police interviewed the homeowner at the station and he returned to his home by mid-morning. Officers have not announced whether the incident was a targeted attack, according to the outlet.

“We didn’t hear any shots, but around here, there are guns going off all the time,” next-door neighbor Sandy Mize told Fox 5. “Oh yeah, it’s all the time. This is a bad neighborhood. Just a lot of crime.” (RELATED: Elderly Homeowner Shoots Intruders Who Were Beating Him)

The homeowner will not face charges, Fox5 reported. Georgia recognizes the “Castle Doctrine,” a Stand Your Ground law in which a homeowner is allowed to protect their home with the use of deadly force. 

The investigation is ongoing.

The DeKalb County Police Department did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.