CNN Guest Calls For Mass Gun Confiscation After Nashville School Shooting

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A CNN guest called for mass gun confiscation on Monday following a deadly Nashville school shooting.

At least three students and three adults are dead after a 28-year-old unidentified woman opened fire at a private Christian school. A team of five officers engaged with the suspect before fatally shooting her. The suspect was allegedly armed with two rifles and a handgun, according to authorities.

Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis claimed New Zealand was a good example of gun control while on CNN Newsroom.

“These weapons that are built for the battlefield should not be in the hands of civilians,” Davis said. “We had an assault weapons ban here for a number of years, it worked, and you know, when you look at what happened in New Zealand and how quickly that government responded to an incident, it’s just unconscionable that we can’t do something similar.” (RELATED: Police Find Dead Body Of Accused Denver High School Shooter In Woods)

New Zealand is known for its strict gun control laws, with a second round of gun confiscations occurring in 2021 with owners having the option to turn over their prohibited items or face criminal penalties.

Then Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern targeted gun owners in 2019 by halting the sale of semi-automatic firearms that have detachable magazines. In order to enforce the ban, the legislation created a firearm confiscation scheme forcing gun owners to hand over their firearms for a set amount of compensation.