‘Say It To My Face’: Kyrie Irving Confronts Fan And Forces Them To Apologize, Gets Them Kicked Out Of Game

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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People are gonna hate on Kyrie for this, but I love how he keeps everything so G.

During the Sunday contest between the Dallas Mavericks and Charlotte Hornets, Kyrie Irving ended up getting a fan kicked out of the game. The Mavs suffered a 110-104 defeat for their fourth straight loss.

“He just called me out, my name,” Irving said to the media after the game. “So I just had to make sure I looked him eye-to-eye, and see if he’d say it to my face.”

Things went down in the third quarter at Charlotte’s Spectrum Center, when play was halted as Irving was talking with a referee, which then led to them walking down the court together. The referee then pointed to the crowd, singling out a fan that was in his seat. That’s when security showed up and escorted the fan out of the building, which resulted in other fans booing Irving.

Despite the fan getting kicked out, it was later found out that all Kyrie wanted was an apology.

Here are Irving’s full comments after the game:

I know a lot of people will hate on Kyrie for this, but I personally love how he kept it so G. He kept it real with the fan to his face, and he also kept it real with the press.

And technically, he did end up getting the fan kicked out of the game (indirectly), but literally all he wanted was an apology, so you can’t get mad at Kyrie for that. (RELATED: Sacramento Kings Have The Coolest Thing Ever Called A Victory Beam, And Mascots Around The NBA Are Worshiping It)

He wanted a ‘sorry’ and called the guy out to his face … what’s the problem?

I can dig it, Kyrie. I can dig it.