Popped Tire Sends Car Flying


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Insane dashcam video footage shows the moment a car accidentally struck a tire that came off a pickup truck on a California highway.

The incident unfolded Thursday on the Ronald Reagan Freeway in Los Angeles, according to Fox News.

Anoop Khatra was driving in the left lane when her dash cam caught the moment a Kia Soul accidentally hit a tire that came off a nearby pickup truck. The video shows the pick up truck’s front left tire blow off just as the Kia went to pass it, sending the Kia airborne before rolling over several times.

The pickup truck veered off into the right shoulder before seemingly coming to a stop. (RELATED: SUV Splits In Half After Slamming Into Tree, Leaves Off-Duty Cop Critically Injured, Husband Dead)

Khatra told Storyful the driver was the sole occupant of the Kia and walked away without any apparent major injuries though the California Highway Patrol reportedly said the driver suffered minor injuries. The tire reportedly came loose due to sheared-off lug nuts.