Aaron Hernandez’s Brother Arrested After Allegedly Throwing Brick At ESPN HQ, Police Chase

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Alexander Pease Contributor
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Aaron Hernandez’s brother was arrested after allegedly throwing a brick at the Connecticut ESPN headquarters, TMZ reported.

Dennis “D.J.” Hernandez had allegedly previously evaded police in a high-speed car chase that involved him driving “through grass fields” in front of a Connecticut correctional institution, according to TMZ Sports. Fifteen days later on March 23, the former UConn football player allegedly hurled a white bag containing a brick into the ESPN headquarters, TMZ previously reported.

Law enforcement said that Hernandez had a bipolar episode was allegedly intentionally “trying to get arrested” to prevent him from having to live at his mother’s house, TMZ reported. (RELATED: REPORT: Reality TV Star Alana Thompson Involved In Car Chase, Boyfriend Arrested)

Hernandez allegedly evaded cops and wasn’t apprehended until “a brief foot chase” shortly after, TMZ reported.

Police documents obtained by TMZ revealed that Hernandez’s mother, Terri Hernandez, had said that her son had “been acting very strange and she believed he needed to be mentally evaluated at a hospital.” On a police emergency examination request, he was taken to Bristol Hospital. (RELATED: ESPN Celebrates Women’s History Month By Honoring Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas)