GAMA SOSA: What Were The Dems Thinking? They Just Handed Trump His Biggest Endorsement Since Michael Moore

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Michele Gama Sosa Opinion Editor
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Good Lord, what were the Dems thinking?

After all the fanfare about a Trump indictment on Tuesday, no indictment yet as of March 28 and many delays, the whole deal looks like a massive circus. But every thinking American already knew that.

The saga was ultimately bait for Trump supporters. Trump fell into the trap and called for protests. For the Dems, it was “The Dream.” MAGA terrorists would rally in the MAGA-est MAGA country of Manhattan and do something violent. Or at least the Fedbois would infiltrate it as the DNC and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg stood by (did anyone see Ray Epps there?).

If these guys thought NYC was the place to stage a MAGA Country insurrection, they’re dumber than Jussie Smollett.

After media salivating at the prospect of violence and theater of barricades and other unnecessary security measures, the police of deep-blue NYC faced a hostile mob of five Trump supporters (four of whom were probably Feds) committing the violent crime of holding signs. At another protest, propagandists – I mean journalists – outnumbered them 5-1. No big bad MAGA terrorist took the bait, and Trump walked out of a trap unscathed.

Instead of Jan. 6 2.0, nothing happened. Bragg’s case, which is based on an alleged seven-year-old misdemeanor payment with a two-year statute of limitations, immediately fell apart.

The only person coming out of this with a giant W is Donald Trump. Like the house in a casino, he always wins. As Elon Musk said, if Trump gets indicted, he becomes a martyr and likely landslide winner in 2024.

At least among a certain section of the GOP, the numbers don’t lie. Trump rode the wave of the saga like a champ to $1.5 million in grassroots donations. But Trump should really send the thank-you card to the corrupt Dems and Bragg. In threatening to indict him, they gave him the second-biggest endorsement of his life after Michael Moore. Talk about free fundraising.

If they don’t indict, everyone trumpeting “Trump’s done, it’s over for him” for the 32,000th time looks like an incompetent moron. That’s not a big deal for media pundits and the Dems. That’s their state of being. But they also look like a bunch of stupid, incompetent third-world tinpot dictators, which would be funny if their actions didn’t have very real, negative consequences. Before, they could hide behind national security concerns, as with the Russia hoax, or persecution of political opponents, as with the Burisma-Hunter Biden saga.

Not here. The alleged “crime” has no bearing on anyone except Melania. It isn’t something the depravity-loving Dems would ever indict anyone else for – half of them are probably guilty of way worse. Instead, it reads like a classic case of “show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime,” as Soviet NKVD head Lavrentiy Beria famously said.

Unlike Beria and his boss Joseph Stalin, however, Bragg, Joe Biden, the Feds and the Dems are no evil geniuses. Unsurprising, really, when they are stacked to the brim with diversity hires, wine aunts, kleptomaniac transgender freakshows and child sexualization apologists, but I digress. In today’s day and age, virtually everyone is willing to become the proverbial rat leaving the sinking ship. Living in the cutthroat world that is NYC, Bragg should know that. And you would think after the Jan. 6 footage fiasco he would know better.

Bragg allegedly hid exculpatory evidence after Robert Costello decided to talk. If true, it’s astounding that he thought he would get away with it. Bragg is looking like the bank robber who ends up with red paint on his face and no money – if he’s lucky. Most bank robbers also get prison, so how funny would it be if, in his desperation to indict Trump, Bragg got himself indicted and jailed? They don’t call it the Trump curse for nothing.

And of course, there’s good old Ron DeSantis – the collateral damage. In their bid to get Trump, the Dems might have damaged the only candidate who could realistically challenge Trump. The circus and inevitable requests for comment allowed Trump to back DeSantis into a no-win situation.

Ron couldn’t just back Trump. They’re opponents in what is likely to be a nasty primary and being the bigger person isn’t usually a winning strategy in contemporary Washington. But he couldn’t be too disinterested and appear to condone political persecution. So he tried to satisfy both sides, accusing Bragg of weaponizing the justice system while also throwing a bone to the anti-Trump GOP with his porn star comment. He looked like a weasel and no one likes that.

So, to recapitulate: the Dems, in their bid to get Trump, made themselves look like incompetent criminals while inadvertently sabotaging their best chance of getting Trump out of political life forever – all for a failed Jan. 6 2.0 hoax. Meanwhile, Trump walks away $1.5 million richer with a slew of media attention to rejuvenate his campaign – perhaps the silver lining for the legacy media and their 12 subscribers.

Michael Moore called 2016, in what was basically the biggest Trump endorsement of 2016, the “biggest ‘fuck you’ ever recorded in human history.” Looks like he was wrong. It’s going to be 2024. And an indictment from the corrupt establishment will be the ultimate fundraising vehicle for weary Americans tired of the Dems’ crap.

They really, really didn’t think this one through.

Michele Gama Sosa is an opinion editor for the Daily Caller and a historian by training.

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