Princeton University Student Newspaper Revealed To Be Overwhelmingly Liberal


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Princeton University’s student newspaper surveyed their staffers’ political views, and there was a surprising consistency: they’re nearly all liberal.

The poll, which surfaced on Twitter Sunday, revealed that less than 5% of the newspaper’s staff identifies as either “slightly” or “very” right-wing. In contrast, there’s no shortage of liberals on the staff. Nearly 43% of Daily Princetonian staff identify as “very left-wing” and just over 40% identify as “slightly left-wing.” The poll was conducted as part of The Daily Princetonian’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging report. (RELATED: WEST: Why Liberals Want Total Control Of College Education)

Among the editors, the liberal dominance is even more pronounced. Of the respondents, 46.7% identified themselves as “very left-wing” and the same percentage identified as “slightly left-wing.” Only 6.7% identified as moderate and literally 0% identified as either “slightly right-wing” or “very right-wing.”

There was far more ideological diversity among the writers on the sports page, however.

Among the sports writers, 40% identified as “very left wing.” However, 26.7% identified as moderate and 20% claimed to be either slightly or very right-wing.

According to Princeton’s annual Frosh Survey, nearly 70% of Princeton’s freshman 2026 class considered themselves liberal while roughly 11% claimed to be conservative. Over 75% of the class reportedly had negative views of the Republican Party, while only 30% felt just as badly about Democrats.