You Won’t Believe The Lucky Underwear That UConn Head Coach Danny Hurley Has Been Wearing The Entire NCAA Tournament

(Photo by Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Contributor
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I just wanna say straight off the bat … I hate UConn.

But I have to give University of Connecticut men’s basketball head coach Danny Hurley credit — he’s carried his Huskies all the way to the Final Four against my Miami Hurricanes.

And what’s the secret to his success?

His lucky gameday underwear, which are red boxers that feature cartoon dragons all over them.

“They’re like underoos for adults,” Hurley’s wife, Andrea, told the New York Post.

Hurley has been wearing the same underwear (as well as washing them too, so don’t get grossed out) for the entire NCAA March Madness tournament, from their very first game against Iona all the way up until now. And he’ll be wearing them again this Saturday night when they square off against my Canes in the Final Four.

I can’t lie. It was painful to write up the news segment of this blog. I’m serious: I cannot stand UConn.

Growing up as a kid, I didn’t only root for the Canes, but I was also a fan of Duke, which diminished as I got older and just stuck with Miami. But I remember games that Duke would have with UConn (including in the Final Four), and I remember the Huskies beating us in a lot of those contests, and I just remember being so mad at them for it.

I might not be a Duke fan now, but I still hold it against them, and now here we are in a new day in my adulthood where they’re now facing off against Miami in the Final Four. It’s amazing how things change. (RELATED: New York Magazine Contributor Has The Worst Hot Take Ever On The Men’s And Women’s Final Four)

So as you see, the game this weekend means a lot to me as a Canes fan — it’s deeper than just a ring.

I literally cannot stand the University of Connecticut.