Get Ready To Cringe: OJ Simpson Awkwardly Brings Up Murdered Wife (Twice) While Talking About Gwyneth Paltrow Case

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Seriously … I have to issue a cringe warning here. This is pretty bad.

If you’ve been paying attention to even just a little bit of the news cycle as of late, you’ve been noting the high-profile court case of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who is currently involved in a legal battle over a 2016 skiing accident. The case has been everywhere, to the point where it’s hard for anybody to miss what’s going on.

Insert O.J. Simpson.

Like a lot of us, O.J. has gotten pulled into the entertainment value of the case, and as the Goop founder faces off against hit-and-run claims, the alleged murderer is looking for answers … again, like most of us. Simpson also let his support of Paltrow be known.

No harm done, right? What could possibly go wrong?

In a social media video, Simpson talked about the time he went to Deer Valley Resort, which is where Paltrow’s incident took place, and while discussing his experience, he just casually dropped the name “Nicole” (the name of his murdered wife) like it was no big deal, and he did it twice — twice!

I don’t care that he brought up Nicole: What made me cringe is how he did it.

He just did it so casually, like it was nothing, just randomly like, “Oh yeah, me and Nicole were hanging out with Rob,” and I’m sitting there with my jaw to the floor while watching this the first time. It was just amazing. But this is the O.J. Simpson that (I admit) I have grown to love — the dude is hilarious, I can’t help myself.

And none of this should really be surprising, now that I think about it. (RELATED: Streaker Interrupts Texas A&M Baseball Game And The Crowd Hilariously Cheers Him On (Plus, Watch Him Get Arrested)

This is the same guy, after all, who did this:

Ol’ O.J. Simpson. The dude is pure laughter.