Room Erupts Into Chaos After Anthropologist Says No Way To Tell Sex Of Person Based On Bones

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A crowd erupted into laughter and then chaos on Monday after a former collegiate athlete asked an anthropologist whether he could tell the difference between a man and a woman by looking at bone structure.

Former University of Kentucky swimmer and Independent Women’s Forum spokesperson Riley Gaines spoke at the University of Pittsburgh on Monday, recounting her experience competing against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. During her speech, Gaines questioned an anthropologist who was at the event.

“I actually have a question for you. You being an anthropologist, which anthropology is the study of human civilization–” Gaines said before the anthropologist could be heard noting anthropology does include a focus on biology.

“So if you were to dig up a human, two humans, in 100 years from now, both man and woman, could you tell the difference, strictly off of bones?”

“No,” the anthropologist said before the entire room burst out into laughter before people began talking over each other.

“I’m not sure why I’m being laughed at if I’m the expert in the room,” the anthropologist said. “Have any of you been to archeological sites? Have any of you studied biological anthropology? I’m just saying, I’ve got over 150 years of data, I’m just curious as to why I’m being laughed at.”

“I actually, believe it or not, have put a lot of research into this because –” Gaines said before the anthropologist cut her off and said, “I have a PhD,” prompting the crowd to once again break out in laughter. (RELATED: Female Athlete Who Competed Against Trans Swimmer Decries Attempted ‘Censorship’ Of Her Speech)

Gaines and Thomas competed against each other during the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship during which they tied for fifth place in the 200-yard freestyle.

Gaines’ speech was met with massive protest, with nearly 200 people blocking off an intersection for more than an hour to oppose the speech. Gaines’ speech was also interrupted twice by a protester.