Spring Breaker Viciously Knocks Out Fellow Beachgoer During Boxing Match

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @FightHaven]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Just wait until you see this guy’s face plop right into the sand.

In what appears to be organized beach boxing by spring breakers (do you peep the two guys wearing referee shirts?), a guy was viciously — and I mean, viciously — knocked out in a match (if you can even call it that).

Imagine it: You’re a young college kid on spring break, and even though I don’t know where this took place exactly, let’s say for the sake of conversation that it happened in Miami. So you’re in Miami on spring break, just trying to enjoy yourself and have some fun. And the next thing you know, you find yourself in a beach boxing match.

That’s exactly what happened to these guys.

Now it isn’t known if this was the only part of the fight, or if something had been going on beforehand, but the video — which only lasts 11 seconds — shows two men squaring up with boxing gloves on. When the match started, a guy in red shorts unloads an absolute blow on the guy in blue shorts, which sends him face first into the sand and he doesn’t make a move after that.

Just a fantastic knockout from the spring breaker!

How embarrassing it has to be for that guy, though.

Not only did he get knocked out, but he got knocked out in front of everybody. And not only did he get knocked out in front of everybody, but he got knocked out in front of everybody with a camera. Just rough.

Though I love how people immediately started helping him after that blow, and speaking of that blow… (RELATED: Baltimore Ravens Tried To Sign Baker Mayfield, Signaling Possible Desperation To Get Away From Lamar Jackson)

That guy in the red shorts threw an absolutely beautiful punch, that was gorgeous.

Ahh … you gotta love good ol’ fashioned beach boxing.