Video Shows Fan Hilariously Offering King Charles A Burger King Crown

Public/Screenshot/Twitter/Rebecca English

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A fan of the royal family hilariously presented King Charles with a paper Burger King crown as he greeted the crowd at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on Wednesday.

Rebecca English of Daily Mail London posted a video of the exchange, which shows the moment the 74-year-old monarch received the comical offer. King Charles and Queen Camilla arrived in Germany for their first overseas visit since taking on their new positions of power, where they were formally welcomed by President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Frau Elke Budenbender, according to People.

Moments later the video clip shows a far less formal moment as a male fan emerged from the crowd to offer the King a gift … from Burger King.

“This is for you, if you want it,” the well-wisher said.

He smiled as he extended his hand and offered the paper fast-food crown to the highest ranking member of the royal family.

Charles chuckled immediately.

“No, I’m alright,” he said.

He continued to make his way down the line of fans who were eager to greet him.

The king may have been offered that single Burger King crown, but it wasn’t the only one he saw during this particular visit. (RELATED: Long List Of Artists Reportedly Turn Down Offers To Perform At King Charles’ Coronation)

Several other fans who lined the street were wearing the paper fast-food crowns on their own heads — although nobody else was brave enough to try handing theirs to the king.

We have it on good authority that Charles has a fancier crown at home.