‘Exercise In Election Meddling’: Vince Coglianese Says Trump Indictment Will Be ‘Focus’ Of Biden’s 2024 Campaign

(Screenshot, Fox News, Rumble)

James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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Daily Caller Editorial Director Vince Coglianese said the Trump indictment was an “exercise in election meddling” during a Thursday panel on Fox News.

Coglianese appeared on Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier” to react to former President Donald Trump being indicted by a Manhattan grand jury. He was asked to provide his final thoughts on Trump’s indictment and to describe how Democrats will respond to it. (RELATED: Trump Reacts To Being Indicted)

“I think ultimately the point of this is the anti-Trump fan fiction really enjoying the mug shot of the former president of the United States. I think that this is an exercise in election meddling. Again, i’m stipulating based on what we know so far about what this indictment is likely to be,” Coglianese said.

“They’re looking to make him the focus of Joe Biden’s candidacy going forward. I think the thought on the left is that they can elevate Donald Trump by constantly badgering him. They can thrill their base by putting him through a mug shot. Joe Biden doesn’t have a good message to run on going into 2024. He’s going to want to run against Trump.”

Earlier in the hour, Coglianese described the Trump indictment as “an unbelievable abuse of justice and putting the country in a very bad place.”