Deion Sanders Sells Out First Colorado Spring Game

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Mr. Midas Touch is at it again!

The Colorado Buffaloes football team are holding their first spring game on April 22, and the hype surrounding head coach Deion Sanders is so intense that tickets for the game are sold out, according to a Thursday announcement from the school.

The attendance for the 2023 Colorado spring game will be more than 45,000, which absolutely smashes the previous spring game record that was set back in 2008 with a crowd of just 17,800.

If you can’t make it to Boulder, Colorado, for the spring game, you can catch the exhibition on ESPN. As a matter of fact, it’s the only spring game that will be broadcast on the main ESPN network. Not ESPN2, not ESPNU, not ESPNEWS, we’re talking about the number one, flagship, top dog ESPN. To put that into perspective, even the defending national champion Georgia Bulldogs are having their spring game on ESPN2.

This man Deion Sanders does it again.

Not even that long ago, I wrote a blog about how he showed up his son and a couple of members of his coaching staff when they were all lifting weights, and just a little over a week later, here I am writing about something else that Deion turned to gold.

I mean, wow, how successful can one person be?

And holy cow, just imagine what the TV ratings are going to look like for this spring game, because I’m personally tuning in due to my love for Deion Sanders. I want to see a little bit of what he can do, and I know a lot of you guys will be watching too. (RELATED: Former NBA Player Matt Barnes Wants To Get Into Politics)

Lord have mercy … I can smell another Midas touch blog post once the super-high ratings come out.

Deion is out here straight killin’ it, man.