‘Do Not Approach Me’: Woman Goes Viral With Bizarre Rant About Screaming At Man In Parking Lot


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A woman’s bizarre and panicked rant about being approached by a male in a parking lot has gone viral on the internet.

Danielle Mitchell couldn’t possibly talk faster or seem more flustered while repeatedly shouting, “do not approach me” and “do not approach a woman in a parking lot” in a video that has been viewed more than 1.5 million times as of early Friday morning. Many social media users are trolling her dramatic state of jittery panic while she freaked out over what many perceived to be an innocent interaction.

Mitchell speaks so fast throughout the video clip that she practically slurred her words.

“So this guy, I’m alone, with my son, by myself, a woman, and a male approached me in a parking lot, he said, ‘excuse me miss,’ and I don’t know … it went fine and I wanna tell you why it went fine,” she said.

Mitchell went on to say, “He was probably 30 feet from me.”

“It scared me, I’m literally shaking,” she continued.

“I don’t know why the hell he was approaching me or what he was trying to do,” Mitchell said.

“I turned around and I literally yelled at him, and I said, ‘DO NOT approach me’ and he, like, immediately started going in the other direction, and I just kept saying it over and over and over, I said ‘DO NOT approach me,'” she said.

Social media immediately erupted, with critics taking aim at Mitchell’s hyper-overreaction.

One user commented, “finding change for the machine just got harder,” while another wrote, “*In an alternate universe* Male: excuse me miss, your hazard lights are on. Woman: oh thank you *both proceed to their days like normal individuals*” (RELATED: ‘Eat My Long Quiet And Warm Farts’: Doja Cat Tells Critics How She Really Feels)

“It must be exhausting living in so much fear,” said another commenter.

One user laced into Mitchell’s heightened sense of fear by writing, “hey, you’ve forgot your credIt card at the…DO NOT APPROACH ME DO NOT APPROACH ME DO NOT APPROACH ME DO NOT APPROACH ME DO NOT..!!!!!”

Mitchell seemed to be absolutely breaking down in the video as keyboard warriors mocked her strange level of panic.

Anyone wondering if this situation could have potentially warranted concern can take a peek at Mitchell’s TikTok page where she has a wildly hyper meltdown about new moms that needlessly cut their hair short.