Family Of Florida Postal Worker Mauled To Death By 5 Dogs Calls For Justice

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Carson Choate Contributor
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The family of a mail carrier who was mauled to death by a group of dogs is calling for justice, alleging that city officials have done nothing to correct the incident.

Sixty-one-year-old Pamela Rock was killed last August after her mail truck broke down on a dirt road while delivering packages for the postal service, according to News4Jax. She was attacked and fatally mauled by five dogs who had escaped their fenced-in yard.

The dogs were euthanized, but the animals’ owner was not charged after an investigation found no wrongdoing, despite the dogs’ history of attacking people, News4Jax reported.

The State Attorney’s Office explained at the time that the owner had attempted to surrender the dogs twice prior to Rock’s death. Investigators found that after attempting to surrender the dogs in February 2022, Animal Control staff failed to follow up on the request. Less than two weeks later, the dogs attacked and hospitalized a 50-year-old man, News4Jax reported.

After that attack, law enforcement referred the case to Animal Control, which denied knowledge of the incident.

Later that year, on Aug. 10, the dogs were implicated in another incident where they reportedly escaped their yard and attacked a woman’s car. The vehicle was damaged, according to News4Jax, but the woman was not injured.

While the Putnam Sheriff’s Office had recommended the owner be charged with recklessness, the State Attorney’s Office decided against it because the owner had repeatedly attempted to surrender the dogs and patch the fence. (RELATED: Owner Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter After His Dogs Maul 7-Year-Old To Death)

Rock’s family, however, has expressed dissatisfaction and called on local officials correct this alleged miscarriage of justice.

“I said, ‘Have you done one thing?’” Rock’s brother, Dan, asked Putnam County officials after a meeting, according to News4Jax. The response from officials, he said, was “crickets.”

“All we could get was, ‘Well, we’re working on it. We’re working on it,’” he said, News4Jax reported. “I think we should protect the people more than the dogs.” He added that he agrees with PETA, which has blamed Rock’s death on the animal shelter’s “dangerous, deceptive ‘no-kill‘ policy.”

Rock’s sister, Maria Rock-Risse, also criticized the lack of accountability, and said that officials have “failed the community.”