Philadelphia Flyers’ Nic Deslauriers Gloriously Gets Into Fight … And Then Gets Into Another One Right After

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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So many fireworks in one game!

The Philadelphia Flyers were outplayed by the Ottawa Senators, losing 5-4 in a crushing overtime defeat Thursday. And that might have been why Flyers forward Nic Deslauriers was in such a feisty mood, resulting in him being in not just one, but two fights in the night. And on top of that, his fights were back-to-back.

Things were chippy throughout the entire game, and in the second period, Deslauriers got some revenge when he first slammed the Senators’ Austin Watson. What we got from there was a fantastic fight, with both sides getting punches in. And then when the referees broke up the scrum, Ottawa’s Mark Kastelic wanted some action, with Deslauriers throwing punches at him too.

It was absolutely amazing.

But that wasn’t the only fight of the evening, you also had this slobber knocker:

Ahh … who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned hockey fight?

It’s one of the things about the sport that makes the culture so cool. It’s like the other night when I was playing NHL 23, and my player ended up getting into three fights in one game. Holy crap, playing the game itself was fun, but the fact that I was fighting too? (RELATED: Hockey Player Gets Livid With Referee And Slings A Bucket Of Pucks In Icy Temper Tantrum)

It was amazing. I’m totally playing that game when I get off work, it’s so fantastic.