‘A Pure Experiment On Children’: Belgian Doctor Says To Toss WPATH Guidelines Out

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

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A leader of a major medical association has suggested that the guidelines of a much-cited transgender health organization should be dismissed, according to a report.

Accord to VRT News, Patrik Vankrunkelsven, the Director of Belgium’s Center for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBAM), states that guidelines provided by the World Professional Association on Transgender Health (WPATH) are not scientifically sound, as they did not go through the same rigorous process used in other widely-accepted scientific research. (RELATED: CBS Banned Employees From Using ‘Transgender’ When Referring To Nashville Shooter: REPORT)

“What you are doing is a pure experiment on children, without any scientific evidence for it.” CEBAM director Patrik Vankrunkelsven said, “People have never, as we traditionally do in medicine, strictly compare these children with a group that did not receive this treatment.”

He claims that since many children disappeared in follow-up studies, conclusions cannot be drawn from studies on puberty blockers.

The doctor claimed that although there are some portions of the WPATH guidelines that are useful, the document should be approached with a high level of skepticism. On WPATH’s suggestions about transgender-identifying youth, he stated “if we had to review [the WPATH guidelines] at CEBAM, we would actually toss them in the bin.”