Pete Davidson Says His Dating Game Hurt His Career

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: REAL ONES with Jon Bernthal

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Pete Davidson revealed his dating life has had a negative impact on his career during a recent conversation on the “Real Ones with Jon Bernthal” podcast.

Davidson has dated the likes of Ariana Grande, Cazzie David, Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski, and he’s quickly established the reputation of being a ladies man, all of which, Davidson said, has impacted his career and his credibility.

“I’m in my 20’s and I’ve dated people. And for some reason, that’s very crazy and interesting to people. I don’t think it’s interesting,” Davidson said on the podcast. “That became all anyone would talk about.”

“Suddenly you’re in this zeitgeist and that has nothing to do with the work,” he said. “And that’s a really shitty feeling. I became more known before the work was there, but I was always working.”

Davidson addressed the impact of the public’s interest in his personal life, rather than in the work he was doing.

“I’ve been in show business for, like, half my life almost — for 14 or 15 years and on a national TV show. In 12 years, I’ve dated 10 people,” Davidson said.

“I don’t think that’s that crazy, but to some people, that’s very interesting. That became all anyone would talk about.”

“I’m not, like, flexing, you know what I mean? And these people that I’ve dated, I met them at work,” he continued.

Davidson explained the organic way in which he met his girlfriends.

“I wasn’t in anyone’s DMs, no one was in mine. I worked at one of the five Hollywood epicenters of where you meet people and that’s how it happened,” he said. (RELATED: REPORT: Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Call It Quits On Their Romance)

The comedian addressed how it felt when his “ladies man” persona followed him right to the set of “Saturday Night Live.”

“I’d be sitting in the back watching the cold open and — the cold open [is] topical, political humor, whatever’s in the culture. And then, making fun of you. Then you’ve gotta walk out and do a sketch next and hit your mark and the show just made fun of you,” he said.

“So, why are they gonna laugh at you? Like, they just dogged you in front of everyone … And you’re like, ‘I’m a fucking loser, man.'”

“You feel small. You feel super insecure,” Davidson said.