REPORT: Police Find Transgender Nashville Shooter’s Suicide Note During Search Of Her Home


James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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Authorities recovered a suicide note from transgender Nashville mass shooter Audrey Hale during a search of her home, NBC News reports.

Officers found the alleged suicide note among 47 pieces of evidence, including journals, a shotgun, cellphones, laptops, yearbooks and a photo from The Covenant School, where Hale killed three children and three adults March 27, NBC reported Tuesday, citing a list from the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department. Hale was a former student at the private Christian school.

Nashville police officers also recovered “3 folders, [and] 19 journals,” noting firearms courses and school shootings in parentheses near the entry, NBC reported, citing the department’s search warrant. Hale planned a mass murder attack “over a period of months” and studied the way other “mass murderers” carried out acts of violence, Nashville police announced Monday.

Police previously discovered detailed maps Hale allegedly used to plan out the tragedy and a manifesto that is currently under review by the FBI. Hale’s motive remains under investigation by Nashville police’s homicide unit in coordination with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, authorities said. (RELATED: Two Victims Of Nashville Shooting Were Longtime Friends Of Tennessee First Lady, Gov. Lee Says)

Hale, 28-year-old biological female who identified as transgender, was fatally shot by Nashville police officers on the second floor of The Covenant School within 15 minutes of her initial entry, body camera footage shows. She legally obtained seven firearms prior to the attack and carried three weapons during the mass shooting, NBC reported.