‘You’re A Sad Old Drunk’: Pelosi Heckled At Event With Paul Krugman

[Screenshot Twitter Ian Miles Cheong]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic California Rep. Nancy Pelosi was heckled Monday night at a Monday event with economist and columnist Paul Krugman.

Pelosi and Krugman discussed a myriad of issues, including her role as the first female speaker of the House. The conference was derailed when several members of the crowd began heckling the sitting representative, who stepped down as speaker after the 2022 midterms.

“You know Pelosi, that’s a very good place for you in the depths of hell,” one heckler screamed as she was removed from the event, according to video posted to Twitter. “For some reason, you have a very bad obsession of getting us into war. Hey, why is it that you did not admit that there were no WMDs in Iraq? You lied us into a war in Iraq. You got us to invade Afghanistan. Now over 90 percent of those people are impoverished and are dying. Why don’t you tell the truth about Nordstream?”

As the heckler continued, members of the crowd were heard booing her. (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi Claims Putin ‘Feared’ Hillary Clinton In 2016)

“Why did we destroy Nordstream? You’re leaving millions of Germans without energy! … People like you should be arrested, you are a war criminal!” she continued to shout. After security removed the woman, a male heckler stood up and took the spotlight.

“Hey congresswoman, I came to see a warmonger but you’re a sad old drunk! What happened? When you went to Taiwan, were you looking for Ukraine? Did we blow up the Nordstream on accident or on purpose?” he yelled. “Did you know about that? … You’re a war criminal by definition Ms. Pelosi. You got some nerve.”

“You goddam war criminal! How many people have died in your fucking name?” the man screamed as he was also removed. Two other hecklers stood up but were promptly removed as the crowd awkwardly looked on, throwing in a few boos in the process.