Christina Aguilera Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In Extremely Candid Conversation About Sex Life


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Christina Aguilera explicitly described her sex life in Wednesday’s raw and real “Call Her Daddy” interview with Alex Cooper.

This was Aguilera’s first-ever guest spot on a podcast but she seemed comfortable enough to give raunchy descriptions about her personal sexual experiences. When asked about her best bedroom skill, Aguilera teased fans with a graphic response. “It’s gotta be blowjobs. I love a blowjob. I enjoy it,” she said. Aguilera didn’t stop there. “I’m a promoter of the swallow,” she said. “I didn’t put in that hard work for nothing.”

Aguilera spoke about her most intimate moments with confidence and ease.

“I had a lot of male friends … I grew up around them, so I know every different part and the sensitive areas. I literally enjoy it,” she said on the podcast.

Speaking of blowjobs, she stated, “I know some women don’t like it, but I don’t know man, it’s a turn-on.”

“I think there’s something to be said, after you put in the hard work, I think swallowing is a good thing, it’s got a lot of protein,” she said.

Aguilera was asked to name her three favorite sexual positions, and commented by saying it “depends on the mood.”

“Sometimes it’s nice early in the morning, from the side, there’s holding involved, spooning involved,” she said.

“Some good doggy sometimes, in the shower there’s been some good times. There’s the studio soundboard, I’ve been bent over there a couple times,” Aguilera said.


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She admitted to being no stranger to having sex in public places.

“Plane can be fun. We’ve definitely hid some things under the blanket. I can’t believe we didn’t get caught so many times, in so many situations,” Aguilera said.

Cooper assumed these playful rumps the singer was referencing were happening on private planes, but Aguilera corrected her. (RELATED: Brittany Furlan Spills Details On Sex Life With Metalhead Husband Tommy Lee)

“On international flights, they turn the light off, get blankets … you gotta wait until everyone’s going to sleep.”

Aguilera shared her interest in sex toys and told fans she has a “pocked-sized one I could pack on my bag on an airplane.”