‘Starvation, Death, Destruction’: Superstar Actor Dennis Quaid Makes Strange Warning To Society


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Actor Dennis Quaid issued a stern warning over the U.S. energy grid during an interview with Fox News in late March.

Quaid made his statements during the promotional tour for his documentary “Grid Down, Power Up.” The film focuses on the vulnerabilities surrounding the U.S. power grid, and what would happen if our country was left without electricity for an extended period of time, according to the official IMDB page.

With a slew of recent attacks on substations and heightened risk from both international governments and our closest star, the timing of the film’s promotion is fascinating. It was technically released in 2022. But the risks described throughout the feature are ongoing and remain unmitigated by energy companies and governmental agencies.

In conversation with Jesse Watters, Quaid explained that “this is not ‘The Day After Tomorrow,’ this is tomorrow, I think.” He went on to describe how easily the 2003 New York City blackout occurred, leaving 400,000 people stranded in subway cars, and many others trapped inside elevators.

“That was just a small little event, but a GMT event — a bad actor could take it out through a Chinese balloon, for all we know,” Quaid continued. “It could be up to, like, 30 days, but what we’re talking about is like a nuclear explosion up in space.” (RELATED: Did Flight Systems Go Down Because Of Solar Storms? Well …)

“It would take us back to 1880, and you wouldn’t be able to get gas, you wouldn’t be able to get food. The police would stay home and take care of their own families,” Quaid continued.

Watters pointed out that an attack on our grid would also impact our water supplies. “If protective measures are not taken, we will experience catastrophic failures leaving citizens in states of starvation, death, destruction, and darkness for months,” the website describes, echoing Quaid’s sentiment.

You can watch the full interview here, and I highly recommend you do. This is precisely what we should be lobbying our politicians to focus on instead of placating celebrities and sending our tax dollars to fund foreign wars.