Texas Woman Allegedly Claims She Sold Child, Police Dispute Claim As She Reportedly Flees Country

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Brent Foster Contributor
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An Everman, Texas, woman who allegedly claimed she sold her missing child is believed to have fled the country, KDFW reported Wednesday.

Police say 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez was last seen in Nov. 2022. His mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, allegedly told her brother Cantarino Rodriguez she sold the child to another individual in a Fiesta Market, according to a search warrant obtained by KDFW.

Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer disputed the claim about the child being sold, saying, “we’ve had a ton of investigators spend really the last few days combing through every transaction, every phone call, every text message.” Police now “can specifically rule out, he was not sold to a lady in a Fiesta Mart,” the outlet reported.

Rodriguez claimed his sister told him she was afraid of contacting the individual to whom she allegedly sold Rodriguez-Alvarez out of fear of attracting attention from authorities, KDFW reported. (RELATED: Incredible Video Shows Moment State Troopers Find 4-Year-Old Boy, Dog Who Went Missing In The Woods)

Authorities issued a felony warrant for Rodriguez-Singh and her husband over false information given with regard to Rodriguez-Alvarez’s location. The warrant included a description from the boy’s uncle of how Rodriguez-Alvarez was allegedly assaulted with car keys by his mother after he drank water, according to KDFW.

Rodriguez-Singh, her husband Arshdeep Singh, and six of her children reportedly flew to India via Turkey on one-way tickets after police initiated a probe into the boy’s whereabouts. Rodriguez-Alvarez was not listed as a passenger on the flights in a warrant obtained by the outlet.

Police are still searching for Rodriguez-Alvarez, who investigators claim has physical and developmental challenges. An Endangered Missing Persons Report has been filed in his name, KDFW reported.