Sunny Hostin Suggests Republicans Will Only Win Future Elections By ‘Cheating’

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin said Thursday that Republicans’ only path to winning future elections is by “cheating.”

“This is the beginning of the end of the Republican Party, as I see it,” co-host Joy Behar said. “I don’t see that they’re gonna win in any elections anymore in this country, not national elections. They’re on the wrong side. These kids were born in 1997, not 1897, which is where the Republican Party is going. And they’re like, ‘Hey woah, hold up, I don’t want to get killed in school, I don’t want to be in the middle of another tornado or whatever the hell is going on in this country,'” she continued, blaming tornadoes on the GOP and climate change.”

“They don’t want it. They want their abortion rights just in case. They want it. The only way the Republican Party fights against this is to raise the voting age, stop people from voting, all they do is tricks,” Behar added.

“That’s what scares me more than anything, because it’s clear that the Republican Party is the party of dinosaurs, right? 1897,” Hostin said. “It’s clear that they don’t have any proposals, they don’t have a platform right now. It’s just grievance politics, it’s just scaring people. What I worry about is. they still want power, and when you still want power, the only way to get it when you don’t have a platform is by cheating.”

“And so that’s when you see the gerrymandering, that’s when you see people on college campuses being prevented from using their college ID to vote. They are actually attacking young voters rather than trying to recruit young voters,” she continued.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, who worked in former President Donald Trump’s administration, argued that Republicans who want to offer real solutions do not get media attention in the Trump era. Behar agreed, saying that Trump has “destroyed this country.” (RELATED: Sunny Hostin Says Women Voting Republican Is Like ‘Roaches Voting For Raid.’ Co-Host Goes Off) 

“I am convinced that there are leaders who could emerge,” Griffin said. “I’m not super convinced they’re gonna come this cycle, but I’m still rooting for my guy [New Hampshire Gov.] Chris Sununu. But somebody who’s gonna come and present the forward-looking vision of ‘this is what the Republican Party stands for, we agree on what the problems are but our solutions are different.'”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg then accused Republicans of “alienating” parents by allegedly taking away LGBTQ rights. Several Republican-controlled states have passed laws prohibiting sex change surgeries and cross-sex hormones for minors.