Teen Allegedly Shot By DC Officer Sitting Behind Him In Car

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Matt Buckley Contributor
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The United States Department of Justice has launched an investigation into the death of a teenager who was allegedly shot by a police officer sitting behind him in the same vehicle on March 18, 2o23, the BBC reported.

17-year-old Washington D.C. resident Dalaneo Martin was asleep as law enforcement approached the SUV he was in, which was allegedly stolen. The officers opened the back door in an attempt to quietly apprehend him, the BBC reported.

The body cam footage appears to show the suspect speeding off with the officer still in the back seat. After telling the teenager to stop, the officer allegedly opened fire and killed him, according to the outlet.  (RELATED: DC Police Fatally Shoot Holding ‘Rifle-Style’ Paintball Gun)

The officer reportedly shouted, “Stop man, just let me out! Let me go! “Stop. Stop or I’ll shoot!”

Just seconds after the incident, the car crashed into the side of a house. Police quickly arrived to tend to the teenager on the front lawn.

The DOJ released a news statement on Wednesday saying “”The loss of a life is always tragic but is especially heartbreaking when it involves a child.” The Washington, D.C., police investigation explained that the officer in question belonged to the US Park Police, a division of the National Park Service, the BBC reported.

Terra Martin, Dalaneo’s mother, expressed her hurt to reporters on Wednesday saying, “This pain hurts so bad.” She went on to say that she wants the officer accused of killing her son to be fired and prosecuted.