Dodgers’ Dustin May Throws Most Alien-Like Pitch You’ve Likely Never Seen Before In Your Entire Baseball Fandom

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Me personally, I have never in my life seen a pitch move like this.

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Dustin May missed a load of time over the past two years because of injury, but has since regained his health and is clearly back to his old self, if not better.

Just ask the Arizona Diamondbacks, who only managed to get two hits in six innings off of ol’ Dusty Thursday night. Throwing 100 mph on the radar gun came at a level of ease for May, which led him to picking up his first victory of the season.

There was one pitch from Dustin in particular which stuck out: a 100 mph sinker that moved so bizarre it was almost like this baseball was made by an alien or some other non-worldly force. It was one of the strangest pitches I’ve ever seen in my life — if not the strangest — but, at the same time, it was a complete work of art.

Just check out the weird beauty:

Gosh, that was gorgeous.

Dustin May was absolutely beautiful the entire night — just look at how pretty this fastball was:

Lord have mercy, the heat on that thing.

That sinker that he threw — it’s such a beautiful pitch it looks alien-like. And that’s how you know you’re a good pitcher: when you can make your pitches look like something from an extra-terrestrial. (RELATED: New York Yankees Pitchers Luis Severino And Domingo German Lose Boatload Of Money After Their Homes Are Burglarized)

Now that’s talent.