Clueless Tourist Perfectly Demonstrates Why You Shouldn’t Mess With The Royal Guards


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A clueless tourist went viral Friday after she was screamed at by one of the King’s Guard outside of Buckingham Palace.

In a video shared on Twitter, the tourist is clearly cozying up to the King’s Guard for a stereotypical photograph at the iconic British castle, located in central London. She clearly gets way too close, and the Guard let’s her know in the most terrifying way possible.

As the woman apparently taps the Guard, he completely loses it. “Do not touch the king’s life guard!” The woman’s reaction is priceless. She leaps backwards with a look of total horror on her face.

Reactions on Twitter were mixed. At least one user said, “Why would it be remotely acceptable to see a trained soldier standing guard, as “a statue” for a quaint little photo opportunity? It’s blatantly disrespectful on the the tourists part. The end.”

Another disagreed, saying “There’s no need for him to have shouted so aggressively. He obviously just had a wedgie he couldn’t adjust for hours.” Personally, I think if anyone screwed with me in work like this, I’d probably scream way more than I do anyway, so I get it. (RELATED: Worst Proposal Ever Caught On Video. You Might Die Of Cringe Watching This)

Also, as a Brit, it was nice to see one of my fellow countrymen actually shout at someone for once instead of letting feeling fester into premature ageing and alcoholism. One thing I’ve noticed throughout the reports and reactions on this particular video is that no one commended the Guard for being, like, insanely attractive. So I just want to do that here. Thanks.