‘I Don’t Even Understand’: Tapper Mocks Biden’s Odd Announcement About 2024

[Screenshot CNN Jake Tapper]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s Jake Tapper mocked President Joe Biden on Monday after the president made an announcement about his 2024 plans.

Biden told NBC News at the White House Easter Egg Roll that he plans to run for president but stopped short of making an official declaration.

“I plan on running but we’re not prepared to announce it yet,” Biden said, prompting a confused Tapper to weigh in.

“I mean, what is that?” Tapper said responding to the clip. “‘I plan on running, but we’re not going to announce it yet.’ So he’s running?”

“Yeah, he’s running,” former special assistant to Biden, Michael LaRosa, responded.

“So. But what? So what are we waiting for? I don’t even understand. What? What is? He’s not going to announce it? He just announced it,” Tapper said perplexed.

“I don’t know what everybody’s waiting for. I don’t know what everybody’s talking about,” LaRosa said. “I mean, I don’t think he has to announce until January. If you ask me, I would let the Republicans and the media know. You know … just focus on the debates every month coming up and every Republican trying to out-MAGA each other until January. Trump’s December court date. There’s lots of things that he can just focus on. And he’s proven to be a successful first-term president by just focusing on legislative politics, not campaign politics.”

“But why the kabuki?” Tapper asked.

“I think when he says, ‘I am not ready to announce it,’ they’re talking about a formal announcement, be it an email or a video or a rally where he declares this and that triggers certain, you know, fundraising rules and such. And it seems to me from the people I talked to that the White House or the president’s advisors don’t see a lot of urgency in doing that,” Wall Street Journal White House correspondent Catherine Lucey chimed in.

Biden has previously hinted at running, saying in February that he will decide based on his health and family. (RELATED: Jill Biden Says The President ‘Pretty Much’ Just Needs To Decide On 2024 Launch Date)

“I would be completely, thoroughly honest with the American people if I thought there was any health problem, anything that would keep me from being able to do the job. And, so we’ll see. But, you know, I just — I think people have to just watch me.”

“I haven’t made that decision. That’s my intention, I think. But I haven’t made that decision firmly yet,” the president said.