Ana Kasparian Says She’ll ‘Never Apologize’ For Slamming Terms Like ‘Birthing Persons’

(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Politicon )

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A left-wing journalist refused to apologize for criticizing terminology such as “birthing persons” on Monday.

“The Young Turks” co-host Ana Kasparian received backlash after she called transgender “inclusive” language “degrading” to women. Those on the left responded by calling her “right-wing.”

Kasparian spoke out about the backlash in a tweet Monday.

“LOL! The meltdowns over wanting be referred to as a woman rather than a ‘birthing person’ is pretty wild,” she tweeted. “Ill never apologize for that, especially as biological woman who has had a fucking lifetime of being told I’m less than.”

“I’m a woman. No apologies,” Kasparian said.

Kasparian’s tweet was again met with backlash, with activist Charlotte Clymer arguing, “that’s not what’s happening.”

“When referring to the whole community of people who are capable of pregnancy in the context of pregnancy, repro advocates use ‘birthing person’ to include trans men + nonbinary people. No one is arbitrarily calling individual women ‘birthing person,'” Clymer tweeted.

A transgender congressional candidate alleged Kasparian was only piling on the attack against trans people. (RELATED: University Athletics Director Claims There’s No ‘Competitive’ Difference Between Men And Women)

“I really don’t understand why you’re still tweeting about this. How many times a day are you being referred to as ‘birthing person’ in real life? Knowing the intense scrutiny & hate trans people are facing rn, along w/the hundreds of anti-trans bills, couldn’t you just not?”