Comedian Rips Apart Lori Lightfoot In The Most Creative Way Possible


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Soon-to-be household-name comedian Stavros Halikas shared a clip from his upcoming special in early April in which he gives one politician the best worst compliment ever.

Halikas, best known for his incredible podcast “Cum Town,” was on stage in Chicago when the topic turned to the city’s former mayor Lori Lightfoot. “I’m sad your hilarious little mayor has got to go away. That sucks,” Halikas told the crowd, which whooped with laughter.

He went on to describe Lightfoot as, “visually, one of the funniest people of all time,” and that anyone who looked like her would also have to be competent at their job (LOL, not). “You gotta be technically a savant to reach this higher-level, surely you can’t just be a horrendous mayor and look that funny as well,” he continued.

Between jokes about Lightfoot, he did a great bit about his sexy doctor, and how sexy people don’t have to be good at their jobs. “If you had to pick a doctor, you want someone who is … honestly you would pick someone that has gone through adversity,” Halikas continued. “You would pick a little bug-eyed black lesbian. You would pick someone who society treats bad, because you think, if she can  get through med school, she must be the best doctor of all time. And that’s what I would think in terms of politics as well.”

“Shout out to Lori Lightfoot. You can be ugly and fuckin bad at your job and succeed,” he explained, noting that he was sad to see her go as a “scion for the stupidiest and ugliest in society.” (RELATED: Ohhhh, Now We Understand Why They Wanted Andrew Schulz To Edit His Comedy Special)

Under Lightfoot’s tenure in office, Chicago went from being a pretty miserable city in terms of weather, to a crime-ridden nightmare hellscape of death. She ensured that a number of major businesses left the region, taking most of their capital with them.