Uber Driver Found Guilty Of Self Defense

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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Daniel Perry, an Uber driver in Austin, Texas, was indicted for murder and found guilty after seemingly engaging in self-defense.

Perry was working when he found himself in the middle of a Black Lives Matter mob. A protester came up to his car and pointed a gun at him. Perry shot back at the protester in what he called self-defense.

The lead detective in the case against Perry concluded that it was a justifiable homicide as did the Austin Police Department. A George Soros-funded District Attorney indicted him anyway. The District Attorney is also being accused of withholding evidence from the grand jury and witness tampering.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he’ll pardon Perry “as soon as it hits [his] desk.”

The media are freaking out about Abbott’s decision. Vice wrote the headline, “Greg Abbott says he’ll pardon a man who killed a BLM protester, before he’s even sentenced.” Hmm… the headline leaves out a lot of the context that I just told you about, doesn’t it?

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